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Mawdoo3.com is #1 Arabic digital platform in MENA’s for years and become a lead Arabic tech company as result of deep understanding of Arabic language, many innovative practices and systems have been created in order to develop a strategy designed to direct Arab users to find trusted Arabic content in all topics from health, business, religion, cooking and many more that will serve their needs.

Mawdoo3.com started by a group of entrepreneurs who undertook the responsibility of filling the gap of enriching the quality and quantity of online Arabic content using an innovative idea along with new technologies that translated into one of the earliest Arabic online encyclopedias in the world www.mawdoo3.com.

We at mawdoo3.com pursue a social mission, to be the first Arabic comprehensive encyclopedia, involving all Arabs to contribute to the enrichment of the Internet with an integrated and interrelated learning experience, through providing the easiest ways to survey information with reliable references.

We hope to encourage others to create alternative Arabic platforms that showcase the ease of access, value, and credibility of content. A big step towards promoting Arabic content and educational, productive websites owned and developed by Arabs.

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Mawdoo3 in Media أخبار بالعربية

2- Mawdoo3.com raise $1.5 million investment: