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Stemming from the belief that a knowledgeable family is an integral part of society, Mawdoo3 dedicates its efforts to enriching Arabic content online for each family member. Mawdoo3 is proudly giving millions of curious readers around the world access to specialized, credible information and cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to cater to their specific needs and enhance their user experience.

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The Journey to 100 Million Unique Visitors

The journey started in 2010 when two young Jordanians, Rami Qawasmi and Mohammad Jaber, found a vast gap between the Arabic users' needs for information and the availability of high-quality Arabic content on the Internet. Having creative minds, the opportunity sparked in front of them to start and embark on a project that would transform the online experience for the world’s 450 million Arabic speakers (and growing). They and Mawdoo3’s team continuously seek to enrich the online experience by working on new and innovative technologies to enhance readers’ lifestyles, all in the Arabic language. After creating new content products, partnering with niche content brands, and utilizing the latest innovative technologies, Mawdoo3 and its partners have become the leading Arabic content provider with over 100 million unique visitors monthly.

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Mawdoo3 provides multiple advertising services, including display ads, branded content, and sponsored media content that are customized to help brands reach their business goals.

Mawdoo3 AI

Artificial Intelligence Servicing The Arabic User

Mawdoo3 is on a mission to enrich the Arabic language online and bring the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence technology to the Arabic user to ease their day-to-day life.


Mawdoo3 NLP tool kit is the industry-leading set of natural language processing APIs in Arabic. Developers can use the APIs to build smart applications that understand and respond in the Arabic language.

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Qalam AI

Qalam, the Smart Arabic Writing Assistant, helps users to write an appealing Arabic text, without grammar and spelling mistakes.

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Editorial Policy and Standards

At Mawdoo3, we have internal policies to ensure the content is accurate, up-to-date, helpful, high quality, and in-line with our content integrity standards through which the content development process goes through many stages, primarily:

Research Stage

1. Research Stage

Searching for topics that cater to the evolving needs of the Arab Audiences, and finding the best way that answers the title.

writing Stage

2. Writing Stage

Diverse and Specialized writers will then write articles according to Mawdoo3’s content policy referring to credible sources.

fact checking stage

3. Fact-Checking Stage

All articles and information are thoroughly reviewed by editors. Articles are rigorously evaluated for accuracy, relevance, structure, and plagiarism to ensure we are providing proper context and background to the reader.

advanced technology stage

4. Advanced Technology Tools stage

Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology tools to edit and proofread all articles.

review stage

5. Review Stage

Our team continuously reviews, enriche and put the needs of our readers first.

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