Mawdoo3 is a leading online Arabic content platform to provide internet users with credible Arabic content from trustworthy sources.

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We believe in the power of content and knowledge, so we direct talented professional content creators to provide a high-quality premium content.

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  • 50 Million Users Monthly 50 Million Users
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  • 6000 Expert’s Contributors 6000 Expert’s

Catch the new era of content publishing!

As content industry is growing fast, Mawdoo3 offers users a comprehensive set of features that allows them to enjoy getting any information in Arabic.

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  • User Personalised Content User Personalised Content
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Bridging Arabic Language with Artificial Intellegence

A step forward to a world of products powered by voice; Mawdoo3 is taking a share of this responsibility to help Arabic internet users to access the right content they look for as quickly and easily as possible.

We invite you to see more of our milestones and plans and we also hope to encourage others to create more Arabic platforms that showcase the ease of access, value, and credibility of our content. A big step towards promoting Arabic knowledge and experience, proudly developed by Arabs, to Arabs. Please visit ai.mawdoo3.com and you can visit salma.ai to try our beta version.

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